Delivery Charges & Information

Important information about deliveries

Free Delivery applies to UK mainland only. However, zones 2, 3 and 4 will attract a delivery charge, delivery zones are listed below.

Please check with Norfolk Tools ( or call 01953 603303) with details of the product you are interested in and your full address, we can then confirm shipment cost.

Due to logistical problems beyond our control, delivery to certain parts of the UK may take longer than advertised.  Please speak with your sales rep to confirm delivery times.


Palletised freight

Items too heavy or large to be transported by standard shipment will be sent by pallet. If this is the case for your order, you will receive a freight quote. You will need to provide assistance for unloading individual items over 30kg.


Manufacturers & Suppliers direct delivery

This is a special order delivered to you directly from the manufacturer/supplier. Free delivery applies to Zone 1 – UK mainland only.

Direct delivery items may attract a delivery charge if shipped to the following zones 2, 3 and 4

Your Sales Representative will be able to provide a quotation for delivery charges to these areas and provide an estimated delivery date at the time of order.  As this is a special order, your credit card will be charged at time of order and any returns subject to a 20% restocking fee plus VAT


Delivery Zones

Zone 1 – UK Mainland

Free Delivery or collection

CO*, CM*, CH*, CF*, CB*, CA*, BT*, BS*, BR*, BN*, BL*, BH*, BD*, BB*, BA*, B*, AL*, AB*, CR*, CT*, CV*, CW*, DA*, DD*, DE*, DG*, DH*, DL*, DN*, DT*, DY*, E*, EC*, EH*, EN*, EX*, FK*, FY*, G*, GL*, GU*, HA*, HD*, HG*, HP*, HR*, HS*, HU*, HX*, IG*, IP*, IV*, KA*, KT*, KW*, KY*, L*, LA*, LD*, LE*, LL*, LN*, LS*, LU*, M*, ME*, MK*, ML*, N*, NE*, NG*, NN*, NP*, NR*, NW*, OL*, OX*, PA*, PE*, PH*, PL*, PO*, PR*, RG*, RH*, RM*, S*, SA*, SE*, SG*, SK*, SL*, SM*, SN*, SO*, SP*, SR*, SS*, ST*, SW*, SY*, TA*, TD*, TF*, TN*, TQ*, TR*, TS*, TW*, UB*, W*, WA*, WC*, WD*, WF*, WN*, WR*, WS*, WV*, YO*, ZE*


Zone 2 – Scottish Highlands and Islands

Delivery charges may apply, please get in touch with us for more information.

AB31*, AB32*, AB33*, AB34*, AB35*, AB36*, AB37*, AB38*, AB40*, AB41*, AB42*, AB43*, AB44*, AB45*, AB46*, AB47*, AB48*, AB49*, AB50*, AB51*, AB52*, AB53*, AB54*, AB55*, AB56*, KW1*, KW2*, KW3*, KW4*, KW5*, KW6*, KW7*, KW8*, KW9*, KW10*, KW11*, KW12*, KW13*, KW14*, KW15*, KW16*, KW17*, KW18*, PA20*, PA21*, PA22*, PA23*, PA24*, PA25*, PA26*, PA27*, PA28*, PA29*, PA30*, PA31*, PA32*, PA33*, PA34*, PA35*, PA36*, PA37*, PA38*, PA39*, PA40*, PA41*, PA45*, PA46*, PA47*, PA48*, PA49*, PA20*, PA42*, PA43*, PA44*, PA60*, PA61*, PA62*, PA63*, PA64*, PA65*, PA66*, PA67*, PA68*, PA69*, PA70*, PA71*, PA72*, PA73*, PA74*, PA75*, PA76*, PA77*, PA78*, PH17*, PH18*, PH19*, PH20*, PH21*, PH22*, PH23*, PH24*, PH25*, PH26*, PH30*, PH31*, PH32*, PH33*, PH34*, PH35*, PH36*, PH37*, PH38*, PH39*, PH40*, PH41*, PH42*, PH43*, PH44*, PH49*, PH50*, KA27*, KA28*, HS1*, HS2*, HS3*, HS4*, HS5*, HS6*, HS7*, HS8*, HS9*, ZE1*, ZE2*, ZE3*, ZE4*, IV1*, IV2*, IV3*, IV4*, IV5*, IV6*, IV7*, IV8*, IV9*, IV10*, IV11*, IV12*, IV13*, IV14*, IV15*, IV16*, IV17*, IV18*, IV19*, IV20*, IV21*, IV22*, IV23*, IV24*, IV25*, IV26*, IV27*, IV28*, IV29*, IV33*, IV34*, IV35*, IV36*, IV37*, IV38*, IV39*, IV40*, IV41*, IV42*, IV43*, IV44*, IV45*, IV46*, IV47*, IV48*, IV49*, IV50*, IV51*, IV52*, IV53*, IV54*, IV55*, IV56*, IV57*, IV58*, IV59*, IV60*, IV61*, IV62*, IV63*, FK17*, FK18*, FK19*, FK20*, FK21*, FK22*, FK23*, FK24*, FK25*, FK26*, FK27*, FK28*, FK29*, FK30*, FK31*, FK32*, FK33*, FK34*, FK35*, FK36*, FK37*, FK38*, FK39*, FK40*, FK41*, FK42*, FK43*, FK44*, FK45*, FK46*, FK47*, FK48*, FK49*, FK50*, FK51*, FK52*, FK53*, FK54*, FK55*, FK56*, FK57*, FK58*, FK59*, FK60*, FK61*, FK62*, FK63*, FK64*, FK65*, FK66*, FK67*, FK68*, FK69*, FK70*, FK71*, FK72*, FK73*, FK74*, FK75*, FK76*, FK77*, FK78*, FK79*, FK80*, FK81*, FK82*, FK83*, FK84*, FK85*, FK86*, FK87*, FK88*, FK89*, FK90*, FK91*, FK92*, FK93*, FK94*, FK95*, FK96*, FK97*, FK98*, FK99*, G83*, KA27*, KA28*, PH42*, PH43*, PH44*


Zone 3 – Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly

Delivery charges may apply, please get in touch with us for more information.

BT1*, BT2*, BT3*, BT4*, BT5*, BT6*, BT7*, BT8*, BT9*, BT10*, BT11*, BT12*, BT13*, BT14*, BT15*, BT17*, BT18*, BT19*, BT20*, BT21*, BT22*, BT23*, BT24*, BT25*, BT26*, BT27*, BT28*, BT29*, BT30*, BT31*, BT32*, BT33*, BT34*, BT35*, BT36*, BT37*, BT38*, BT39*, BT40*, BT41*, BT42*, BT43*, BT44*, BT45*, BT46*, BT47*, BT48*, BT49*, BT50*, BT51*, BT52*, BT53*, BT54*, BT55*, BT56*, BT57*, BT59*, BT60*, BT61*, BT62*, BT63*, BT64*, BT65*, BT66*, BT67*, BT68*, BT69*, BT70*, BT71*, BT72*, BT73*, BT74*, BT75*, BT76*, BT77*, BT78*, BT79*, BT80*, BT81*, BT82*, BT83*, BT92*, BT93*, BT94*, IM1*, IM2*, IM3*, IM4*, IM5*, IM6*, IM7*, IM8*, IM9*, TR21*, TR22*, TR23*, TR24*, TR25*


Zone 4 – Channel Islands

Delivery charges may apply, please get in touch with us for more information.

JE1*, JE2*, JE3*, JE4*, GY1*, GY2*, GY3*, GY4*, GY5*, GY6*, GY7*, GY8*, GY9*, GY10*