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General Purpose Spill Kit 90 Litre

Price: £49.95

Supplied in a Highly Visible Yellow Wheelie Bin. The bin is easy and quick to maneuver to where it is Needed!

Clip top secure lid keeps contents dry & secure (can be stored outside) and allows easy transportation ideal for Factories, Garages, Drum storage areas, Building sites etc..


1 x Plastic  Bin

50 x Absorbent General Purpose Pads (40cm x 50cm)

4 x Absorbent General purpose Socks (3m x 8cm)

3 x Disposable Bags & Ties

1 x Instructions & Re-fill Sheet)

90 Litre General Purpose Spill Kit General90 Ltr13Kg67 x 51 x 62 cm

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