Texas Chainsaw TSE2040 Electric




Introducing the TEXAS TSE2040 Chainsaw – Your Ultimate Cutting Companion!

Experience unmatched convenience and safety with the TEXAS TSE2040 Chainsaw, featuring automatic chain lubrication and enhanced hand protection. With a robust 2000W electric motor and a 40 cm Oregon long bar, this powerhouse ensures quick and secure operation for all your cutting needs.

Our innovative design incorporates tool-free chain adjustment, allowing you to fine-tune the chain with effortless ease. The TEXAS TSE2040 comes equipped with a premium Oregon bar and chain, ensuring top-notch performance every time you use it.

Key Specifications:

  • Chain Model: Tex-chain 270
  • Drive Link Thickness: 1.3mm
  • Pitch: 3/8H
  • Drive Links: 56
  • File Diameter: 4.0mm
  • Power: 2000W/230V
  • RPM: 8000rpm
  • Chain speed: 13.5m/s
  • Chain: Oregon, 56 teeth
  • Blade length: 16″/40cm
  • Chain tensioner: keyless
  • Chain lubrication: automatic
  • Chain oil: 0.15l
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Handle guards: Yes
  • Hook: Yes
  • Chain brake: Yes
  • LwA: 108 dB(A)
  • Front handle vibrations: 3.707m/s2
  • Rear handle vibrations: 3.597m/s2

Plus, for your convenience, we provide a UK 3-pin adapter with every purchase, making it ready for action right out of the box.

Upgrade your cutting game with the TEXAS TSE2040 Chainsaw – precision, power, and safety, all in one exceptional package!

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ModelEngineNet powerCylinder displacementWorking widthChain typeChain adjustmentWeight
TSE2040230V2.0kW-40 cm / 16"Tex-chain 270Toolless5.0Kg
ChainsDrive link thicknessPitchDrive linksFile diameter
TEX-CHAIN 2131.5mm.325"724.8mm
TEX-CHAIN 2501.3mm3/8H574.0mm
TEX-CHAIN 2701.3mm3/8H564.0mm
TEX-CHAIN 2801.5mm.325"784.8mm

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