Texas Electric Weed Burner WB600



Texas WB600 Electric weed burner

Powerful electric 2000-watt weed burner for chemical-free weed killing.

This product provides a high radiant heat, which makes it ideal for controlling weeds in flower beds as you can get close to the ornamental plants without damaging them. Just plug into the mains and start using the burner. No fiddly gas bottles, open flames or chemicals that may be damaging to the environment, pets or other plants.
With its long length and low weight, it is ergonomically to use, avoiding strain on the back.
The weed burner can be used with one hand, or you can mount the included adjustable front handle and use both hands for more comfort and control..

The burner is fitted with a retractable stand, allowing you to put the unit down safely when not used.

In addition to the standard nozzle, 4 accessory nozzles are included, so the heat can be dissipated in different ways.

When using, remember to keep a reasonable distance from the cord, as well as other flammable materials.

Supplied c/w UK 3 pin adaptor

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ModelEngineNet PowerWire length
EB100230V2000W160cm (approx)

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