Texas Handy Sweeper 710B



Heavy duty sweeper from Texas Andreas in Denmark with 70cm brush and powerful Briggs and Stratton engine.

Ideal for general litter, leaves, mud, and clearing and snow around pavements, pathways, tennis courts, driveways and roadways.

Simple lever control allows you to angle the brush head left and right, and also clear debris easily and quickly.


Three forward speeds and one reverse allow you to manoeuvre the sweeper easily depending on the material and terrain.  Combined with wide wheels and weighing around 70kg it is easy to operate.

As a long standing distributor for Texas products we carry a full range of spare parts and have weekly shipments arriving from Denmark.

Additional specification;

Performance: 3600rev/min

Noise: 99db

Cooling system: Air cooled

Fuel: Unleaded petrol

Engine oil capacity: 0.6ltrs

The control: Adjustable

Pivoting brush: Yes

Speed: up to 3km/h

Brush speed: 350 rev/min

Gear forward: 3

Gear reverse: 1

Engine oil: SAE 30

Net weight: 74kg

Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)

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ModelEngineCylinder displacementGearsStarterWorking widthBrush diameterWheels
Handy Sweeper 710BB&S 950 series, 4-Stroke208cc / 4.2kW3 forward + 1 reverseRecoil70cm35cmPneumatic 410 x 13mm

Texas Handy Sweeper 710B

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