Hydraulic Lift Table 500kg – SP20104



Norfolk Tools Hydraulic Lift Table 500kg – SP20104: Your reliable solution for heavy-duty lifting tasks.

Key Features:

  • High Load Capacity: Capable of lifting loads up to 500kg, making it suitable for various industrial applications.
  • Adjustable Height: Features a minimum height of 290mm and a maximum height of 775mm, providing versatility for different lifting needs.
  • Robust Construction: Built to withstand heavy loads and rigorous use, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability.
  • Hydraulic Operation: Powered by a hydraulic system, allowing for smooth and efficient lifting with minimal effort.
  • Compact Design: Compact and space-saving design, ideal for use in workshops, warehouses, and production facilities.
  • Easy to Use: Simple and straightforward operation, with easy-to-use controls for efficient lifting and lowering of loads.

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NT-HLBT500900 x 550mm290mm - 775mm500kgPushSupplied with non slip rubber mat

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