Drum Spiker 1m (36″) – SP31129



Revive Your Lawn with the Roller Spiker – Unleash the Green Oasis Within

Turn your lawn into a thriving oasis with the Roller Spiker, your ultimate solution for breaking up compacted soil. This essential tool facilitates the flow of water, air, and vital nutrients to your grass’s root system, ensuring a vibrant and healthy lawn.


Key Features:

  • Heavy Duty Puncture-Proof Steel Roller: Crafted for durability and resilience, our steel roller is built to last and handle the toughest soil conditions.
  • Customizable Weight: The Roller Spiker can be effortlessly filled with water or sand for added weight, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs and soil conditions.
  • Sleek and Durable Finish: Boasting a robust powder-coat black paint finish, this roller not only performs superbly but also looks great in your yard.
  • Easy Assembly: With minimal assembly required, you’ll spend less time setting up and more time improving your lawn.



  • Load Capacity: With a hefty load capacity of 140kg, this roller tackles even the most challenging terrain.
  • Working Width: Cover a substantial area with the 36″ (1.0m) working width.
  • Overall Width: Measuring 40″ in total, the Roller Spiker ensures efficient and wide coverage.
  • Number of Spikes: Equipped with 78 spikes, this tool ensures thorough soil aeration.
  • Water Capacity: The roller can hold up to 24 gallons of water for optimal weight adjustment.
  • Depth of Penetration: The spikes penetrate the soil to a depth of 2.5 inches, providing comprehensive aeration.
  • Net Weight: Despite its robust build, the Roller Spiker has a manageable nett weight of 63kg, ensuring ease of use.


Experience the transformation of your lawn, as the Roller Spiker breathes life into your soil. Uncover the secret to a lush, green, and thriving lawn with this indispensable gardening companion.

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ModelWidthWorking WidthPenetration DepthWeightSpikesLoad Capacity
LRS10040 Inches36 Inches/ 1m2.5 Inches140Kg78140Kg

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