Lawn Spiker Aereator 32″



Designed to enhance lawn care efficiency, this 32-inch wide lawn spike aerator is perfect for ride-on mowers, compact tractors, or quad bikes. Its versatile design ensures easy transportation between different work sites, making it a valuable addition to your landscaping equipment.

Equipped with a built-in weight tray, you have precise control over the penetration depth, allowing you to tailor the aeration process to your lawn’s specific needs. The aerator features 64 heat-treated tine tips with 7-inch diameter stars, ensuring thorough aeration for optimal soil health.

With a maximum ground penetration depth of up to 2.5 inches and a weight tray that can hold up to 25 kilograms, this aerator can handle various soil conditions and lawn sizes. Its pin-type tow hitch makes attachment to your preferred vehicle quick and secure.

Despite its durability and functionality, this aerator remains lightweight at just 13 kilograms, ensuring ease of manoeuvrability during operation. Elevate your lawn care efforts with this reliable and efficient lawn spike aerator.”


32″ Working Width,

64 Heat treated tine tips / 7″ diameter stars,

Max ground penetration up to 2.5″,

Max Load (on weight tray) 25Kg,

Pin type tow hitch,

Weight 13kg.


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ModelWidthWeightTinesWorking depthHitch type
LPS323213kg64 tine tips with 7" diameterup to 2.5"Pin fit

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