Lawnmower Tipping Trailer GT650, 650LB – SP22111


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Lawnmower Tipping Trailer GT650, 650LB

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Lawnmower Tipping Trailer GT650, 650LB

This Tipping Trailer is large and robust with a carrying capacity of 300Kg/650lb making it ideal for moving logs, grass, sand, gravel, animal feed, hay or straw. It has integral sides enabling the safe transportation of heavy and bulky items. The large 16″ pneumatic tyres offer good grip and a smooth ride when going over bumpy and muddy ground. It can be attached to most ride-on lawnmowers and Quad Bikes and Compact Tractors. A simple adjustment allows the trailer to be used as a conventional wheelbarrow. The durable polypropylene hopper ensures it is durable and rust-free with a simple trip mechanism to allow easy dumping of materials.

Additional specifications:
Spring Loaded release catch to tip,
Heavy Duty rust-resistant base,

ModelLengthWidthDepthCapacityHitch Type
WTB65040Inches33Inches11Inches300kg/650lbSpring Loaded release catch to tip

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