Texas Steel brush for EC1400 & EC2600



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Individual brush ring, which can be mounted on lawn edger EC1400, EC1410 and EC2600 and transformed into a weed cleaner.

Brush diameter: 17,5 cm
Brush material: Steel


This steel brush is very hard against the pavers and can leave marks/scratches on the surface of the pavers.
Always test the brush on the pavers in a less visible place before it is used.

If a gentler brush is needed, it is recommended to buy the nylon brush instead.

User instructions
Loosen the nut that holds the knife and remove the nut and washer. Attach the brush, washer and nut and tighten the nut.
Always use the smallest working depth position (10 mm or 15 mm) on the front wheel of the machine, when the brush is being used and aim for the grooves between the pavers.

This brush cannot be used to remove bigger grass turfs or big weed plants. If have this, another solution should be found.

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