Tines De Thatcher – Scarifier 1.0m, 40″ SC40



Transform Your Lawn with the Norfolk Tools 100cm Spring Tine Trailed De-Thatcher

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Tines De Thatcher – Scarifier  1.0m, 40″ SC40

Transform Your Lawn with the Norfolk Tools 120cm Spring Tine Trailed De-Thatcher

Unleash the power of the Norfolk Tools 100cm wide spring tine trailed de-thatcher for a lusher, healthier lawn. This versatile tool is perfect for towing behind your garden or compact tractor, as well as quad bikes.

Our de-thatcher is designed to gently but effectively remove matted layers of dead grass, moss, old grass clippings, and debris from your lawn’s surface. By doing so, it facilitates the passage of moisture and nutrients down to the root level, promoting robust growth and the emergence of a lush, green, and vibrant lawn.

The convenience of this de-thatcher is unmatched. Equipped with weight trays featuring handy tie-down points, you can easily load standard-size concrete blocks to increase the effectiveness of the de-thatching process (blocks not supplied). Its 100cm width, 20 spring-loaded strengthened tines, and solid wheels ensure a thorough and efficient job.

With a universal hitch pin and a single lever transport handle, this de-thatcher is compatible with various lawn tractors, quads, and ride-on mowers. Take the first step towards the lawn of your dreams with the Norfolk Tools 100cm Spring Tine Trailed De-Thatcher.

ModelWidthTinesHitch type
Sc40100cm20 Tines spring loadedPin fit

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