Chainsaw TS4518

Price: £119.00

This Chainsaw is fitted with an Oregon bar and chain.

Chain model Tex-chain 213

Drive link thickness 1.5mm

Pitch .325″

Drivelinks 72

File diameter 4.8mm


ModelEngineNet powerCylinder displacementWorking widthChain typeChain adjustmentWeight
TS45182-stroke1.8kW45cc45 cm/18"Tex-chain 213Tools6.5Kg
ChainsDrive link thicknessPitchDrive linksFile diameter
TEX-CHAIN 2131.5mm.325"724.8mm
TEX-CHAIN 2501.3mm3/8H574.0mm
TEX-CHAIN 2701.3mm3/8H564.0mm
TEX-CHAIN 2801.5mm.325"784.8mm

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